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Video Games

My favorate video game company is Nintendo, second is sony, and last is Microsoft. I own an N64, a Game Cube, a Wii, a PS1, and a PS2. My current favorate games are, Dynasty warriors 5, Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princes, and Sonic Adventue 2 Battle. Dynasty Warriors is a game for PS2 set in about 200 A.D. when there were many war lords trying to gain power in China, you; select a Character, start the battle and KILL EVERYTHING If you don't like games were the only thing that you do is mindless killing, then don't buy this game, on the other hand if you do then you might want to buy this game. Twilight Princes is a game for Wii were you Play as Link, a legenary hero to try and save the land from being in permenant Twilight, because During twilight all the monstors come out. Unlike most Zelda games, the majority of the first few hours of game play are not spent fighting with link, you are either, in town (tutorial) or a wolf (which is very fun). Sonic is for Game Cube you can play as good and bad, and it has a very good plot line. Without adding in spoilers, the hero and dark teams play go through the game competing against each other but for the last few levels they work together to save the earth from being compleatly destryed!

to look up anything about any of the games above or any other games go to the site liked below. It conains walkthroughs, cheats, and very detailed guides on more specific parts of games.

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