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Grid Wars 2

Below is the Zip file for Gridwars, Gridwars is a game with very low graphics were you go around in a ship and kill everthing! You can have a max of 9 lives and 9 bombs, you get power ups when ever you get to a certain amount of points (you can change what that amount is), you lose a life if you touch any of the enemys listed below. The enemys are; squares, triangles, cubes, photons, butterflys, pinwheels, snakes, and blackholes. The pinwheels will just move aimlessly and are a very easy target because they don't try to kill you. Squares will come after you but,unlike the other enemys, when you shoot at them, they will try to dodge your bullets. Trianlgles woun't seek you out, but they will link up with other triangles, making a line inbetween them that takes about 2 seconds of continues fire to break, and then you still have to kill them (you die if you totch the link). Cubes will seek you out, but when you hit them they spilit into 4 smaller cubes with very limited mobility (but still die if you totch them). Blackholes will kill you if you totch them and if an enemy totches it it will die as well, when that happens the blackhole will grow bigger and When it gets to a certain size it will blow up and make a lot of Photons and butterflys, you can make it smaller by shooting at it, but be warned, it will pull you in just like the enemys. Photons and Butterflys will seek you out at a higher speed than all of the other enemys and arn't afected by a blackholes gravity but if they run into one they will still be sucked in by it. Snakes will not seek you out but they will weave around and if you totch any part of them you die but they can only die if you shoot there head. (WARNING! THIS IS A VERY ADDICTING GAME).

After you click on the link click on "extract all files on the upper left hand side.

this is the Grid Wars zip file link