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Blitz Basic

Sometimes I Make Short games, in "Blitz Basic". Blitz Basic is a relitively new type of programing language commenly used to code games. Below are the coded files for 2 or them, in the first one you are a monky that has to kill the hunters to find it's way home. In the second one, There are 2 Characters, the first one is a ninga and the second is a candycorn, both are controled by human players and the fist to get rid of the others lives wins. The third link isn't a game, it is a highly addicting, constaint flow, of colored lines!
If my link to download Blitz Basic doesn't work google "free Blitz Basic Demo" download that and you will be able to run all of the above files.

click here to download Blitz Basic

click for the ninga game

click here for monkey game

click for colored lines